A Building Contractor Will Know The Regulations

There is much activity in the housing market at the moment. In fact it’s not always people buying new houses. A great deal of it is smaller contractors who are being engaged to professionally remodel and extend existing properties. There have been some changes to the planning and building regulations lately – to try and reduce the problem of a housing shortage. These changes allow more extensions to be built without so much red tape and planning department involvement. There still has to be reference to the refulations and a professional building and architect will know every rule needed. They adhere to them and advise so householders do not make mistakes. Unless they steam ahead without professional help. Today’s society won’t accept just one family bathroom now. We all expect to have master ensuites and kitchens the size of a town hall! Of course, there will be a time when we have to call a halt – when all the space is taken up. But that’s some time hence.

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