Beautiful Peaceful Surroundings Need Pretty Buildings

When we want to have any building done – be that a brand new house, or an extension to our existing one, there are many different hoops to be jumped through. Fortunately, in our little old country, we do have many planning laws that have to be complied with to stop anyone just building what they like, where they like. In a tiny place like the united kingdom, well, the England part of it, we are not blessed with masses of space. There are countries I’ve recently travelled to that have so much space between the houses and residents it’s like a prehistoric hinterland. This generally means that when anyone does want to build themselves a new home, everyone knows about it beforehand and natural selection and want to ‘maintain the status quo’ comes in to play and they keep up the beauty without having to think about it too much. The lakes and forests are magical so no one wants to bung up any carbuncles of concrete, that’s for sure.

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