Bodger Or Builder – Hmmm Let’s Think!

When you have a building or maintenance job to be done, then there’s ioly one way to do it.  Get the best tools you can afford and DIY or, much the best method for me, is get a professional in to do it for you.  That way you know – well in 99% of cases, that it will be done well,with best builders tools by contractors who no what they’re doing.  The result will be reliably safe and as the job was described.  Whenever a bodger has a go at a home project, be that a tacked on conservatory or a splndid office in the garden with landscaping surrounding, the structure will not be improved is any part of the work, or bodge is not up to satisfactory standard.   We have building inspectors at every local council – it sometimes seems a really annoying aspect of adding extensions etc on to homes, but we live in one of the safest countries in the world where you can rely on workmanship in the knowledge that current construction and builders rules have been adhered to.

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