Busier But Safer Building Sites

There’s nothing like having the right equipment for the job in hand.  Trying to cut wood with the wrong saw will invariably end in disaster, not only for the person sawing, but it won’t do the wood a lot of good either.  And then there’s the matter of drills, screwdrivers, pile drivers, all kinds of tools that are absolutly invaluable in today’s busy world of building and construction.   There has been a reat deal of devleopment in the area near  where I live and whatever updates ther have been in the way houses are constructed, or the myriad of health and safety rules to be complied with, there is no sound heralding the busy construction site than the unmisakeable soundof the dumper truck.  That multi functional work horse that carts stuff about the land area, up hills and over waste materials – completely steady and ale to tackle unlikely terrain.   On thing that has definitely changed however is the number of unskilled labourers on site – very few ‘dogsbody’ types who just do anything asked for a few bob a day – it’s all tightly controlled with hard hats, hi visability jackets/vests and safety boots all absolutely obligatory.

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