Choose the Right Builder for the Task

Finding a good builder does not need to be a tricky job. Here are some of the things you should do to source the perfect builder for your project.

Ask for recommendations

There’s nothing better than a personal recommendation by a friend or family member. If someone you know has first hand experience with a great builder, ask them to pass your details on!

Prepare your brief

For your project, make sure you get the precise thing you want. Write out a brief, including any drawings and details where possible, giving a copy to each builder who quotes for you.

Get quotes

You should always ask at least three builders for quotes on your job, and definitely do not simply opt for the cheapest! Look at how the costs break down and if some seem much cheaper than others, ask which corners they are likely to be cutting.

Check what is included

Read your quotes carefully and ensure you understand exactly what is or is not included on each one. Check that everything you have asked for is covered, including removing any rubbish, site waste and the specification of fixtures and fittings.

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