Different Contractors Need Different Tools

There is definitely a need for builders and building contractors to be about in huge numbers.  There is a flurry of house building not seen for years.   Sadly that means much open greenery feels as if its being swallowed up.  But we can’t stand in the way of progress.  There are many types of contractor too – from the scaffolding men who have to painstakingly erect miles of this metal outer pathway for folk to safely build and then reach the top parts of the project.  Then building and woodworking chaps racing up and down the scaffolding ladders to meet the crane which needs to deliver hundreds of roofing lathes for them to install.   Once the roof eaves are installed and the attic floor, or bedroom ceilings are in place and safely secure, the roffing chaps take over and put the insulating membrane over before covering the lot with the roof tiles to make watertight and warm.   Every contractor will have their own toolbox or belt and be very familiar with their favourite implement.  It’s very personal and each person will hang on to their version of each!

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