Dilemmas Come In all Shapes & Scenarios

I have a pair of young relatives who are in the middle of a home project . . . one of those that starts off with such promise.  The guys rush on to site having discussed the project and made those fantastic promises of delivering on time and within budget . . . Ha.  I have to say that I am always suspicious of this approach to a project.  When you start on such a high, there is really on one way to go and sadly in their case, it was down.  Well stuck in the middle with a damned great hole in the garden, the earth from one side pile really high on the other half, the lower section now having been prepared for the incoming ‘garden office’.  The trouble though was that the guys took cash up front for materials to bnuild the office first before landscaping the remains of the garden.  It seems to me that they should have checked out properly where the new shed/office was coming from and whether it would be available when it was needed.    To start the job, lay down the very nicely cemented foundations and then discover the office is not actually in existance anywhere is daft.  It means the whole of the project has to sit idle.  I will suggest buying a different product and seeing how well that goes down.

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