DIY Dreaming To Have Central Heating

There’s only so many jobs one person can undertake in the world of DIY.   Houses are built in th style and at a level of safety and within current statute so that they stay standing for much longer through the most dire weather.  We have had fully integrated damproof courses built above the foundation level of houses for a surprisingly long time – in fact since 1875.  This seems incredible  that such an important feature has been available.     My family bought an old Victorian mid terrace house in 1980, the stone placque said it was built in 1888, so that must have had a dpc – I wish I could go back to that old place again now and just see what was down in the cellar and around the side walls.  It was always very cold in the house as there was no form of central heating, just gas fires in the principle rooms and two large storage heaters.   We could never afford much work to be done on the house as we had little money to pay the mortgage.  So upgrading to a proper boiler fed central heating system was beyond even our wildest DIY dreams!

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