Dockyard Screwdriver Not A Good Alternative

How many times can we think of when someone’s undertaken a simple domestic job but instead of going to look for the right tool, made do with something else and then chaos took over . . . .  I have a perfect example here.  We lived next door to a very aggressively arrogant chap who literally ‘knew it all’.  He had a problem with the shelf in the under sink cupboard falling down at regular intervals.  He’d not screwed it in and had first resorted to the dockyard screwdriver method – thumping the holding screw in with a hammer.  This failed within a short time so he then took up more time bodging it by sticking it up with duck tape . . .  The shelf gave way again, and a chunk got jammed between the main water stopcock and the cupboard front.  When they had a major emergency with a split water tank in the loft requiring water supplies to be cut, no one could dislodge the shelf remains quickly enough to turn off the stop cock  The resulting water flood was far more serious than need be and their insurance company refused to meet the heefty cost of putting it all right. Hefty lesson indeed.

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