Don’t Let Asbestos Ruin A Good Buying Opportunity

Whilst we look at aspects of building – be that for homes, offices, sports facilities, it is worth looking back to one material that two centuries ago seemed to be the panacea of the building world.  Today however it has such a horrendous reputation that it sends everyone into an absolute spin at the very name.  Asbestos – so once desied and revered for it’s amazing fire, heat and noise resistance properties.  It is actually the collective name for six naturally formig fibrous minerals and three of the most common being blue, brown and white – their mineral names being crocidolite, amosite and chrysotile which in fact is the most common form found in our homes.  It was very commonly used in british house building until banned finally in 1999.  Blue and brown asbestos was banned from import and use earlier, in 1985.  Some mid 20thC houses may have artex ceilings or asbestos floor and ceiling tiles as they were extremely popular building materials.     If you want to buy a property, when the surveyor carries out the full building survey, he may discover the prescence of asbestos.  It can be dealt with so as not to hinder the purchase.  But it must be dealt with by professionals who are fully trained, experienced and certified as experts in the handling and removal of the hazard.

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