Even Self Build Needs Input From Expert Contractors

There are many things about the builders in the construction industry that the average Joe doesn’t ever get to hear about or would be interested in if he did.  The industry is very powerful in this country and a massive amount of our country’s infrastructure is in the hands of a consortium of a few companies.  They are the ones who seem to call the shots with respect to what is built in each new phase of house building to fill the apparently endless need for more new houses.  We are so conditioned into accepting the modern housing development as the norm, we seem to have forgotten the process of planning what our perfect home would be.  Some families however are able to see past all the commercial side and dream ofgathering their bulding tools and effecting a DIY project their own.   Maybe it would be an eco friendly, totally energy saving palace of modern materials, surrounded by equally eco friendly garden and vegetable plot.   This is where seeking out a small professional building contractor with its own architects and designers can in fact be a great first move.  They know exactly how to go about getting acquiring land, planning consent and all that is needed to build that individual unique and life enhancing castle of our dreams.

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