Gaining Full Access With Latest Building Regulations

All the time I’ve have lived here, I’ve never really given a great idea of thought to how my nice comfortable modern house was constructed. It’s the sort of thing I leave to the experts in their field, and just enjoy the results of many labours. I do know that because it was one of the last phase of a 5 year development in the early 2000s, it incorporated the most up to date safety regulations in force – and they come through on a regular basis and every new phase receives the updated version. For this I am very grateful. My ground floor has wider doorways and no steps to the frontage; the downstairs cloakroom is very spacious with lower hand basin and easy wc flush. These were designed for all residents, but with particular thought to the less mobile and fully disabled amongst us. This has been very pertinent in my own family with a relative now finding himself wheelchair bound all the time. When having any refurbishment or rebuilding work done now on any house, a professional designer and contractor will incorporate these in any plans put forward.

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