Having The Right Tools For The Job

There’s nothing worse than trying to do a job without the right tools.   An example.. . . my neighbour, a single lady, was having to fix a wooden curtain pole back up to the rediculously high level someone had installed them.  They’d come down in a mishap – the middle bracket had become detached from its mooring and as it was the only thing holding up both halves of the long curtain pole, she was left with two heavy curtains on the floor. . .   Not knowing how to use an electric screw driver, of which she had two in the garage, she tried a bodge – getting a new rawlplug, covering it and the now massive hole with with filler from a tube.  This should never have worked because the hole was now far too big and the rawl plug too small.  Also, the angle of insertion of the screws holding the top part of the bracket was such that she couldn’t get a normal screw driver in the space.  Sounds like a real farce but rather than give up altogether, she managed somehow to wedge the bracket back up with guile and loads of polyfilla!  How the curtain rail has not come down again is a miracle but it would have been quicker and safer if she’d just knocked and asked for help from someone who does have the right tools!

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