Having The Tools But Not The Know-How

I have a really good chum who has a garage full of very expensive bits of kit. Her husband passed away some years ago and had been a completely bonkers mad ‘gadget man’ and whatever the new piece of equipment was in any season, he would have to go out and get it. After her bemoaning the state of her garage, I offered to help her sort out what would be useful and what to get shot of. Well, you could have knocked me down with a feather – there were strimmers, lawnmowers, paint sprayers, power washers, floor polishing machines, carpet shampooers . . . . All new and with their boxes. But the most useful of all was the multi functional rechargable drill /screw-driver / man of all works. She agreed that this and one or two of the others would be worth keeping and we set about finding someone who could give her a lesson or two in how to use them safely and in the manner the manufacturers had envisaged.

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