Home Designed & Built Gem In The Sun

I’ve been lucky enough to spend several holidays with a good chum at her permanent home on a very hot mediterranean isle.  She and her husband built this palace themselves – every brick and roofing tile lovingly carried up by hand.  I’ve known the project from their purchasing the land.  I’ve seen the home movies made of the progress too.  These include a detailed introduction showing the plans and how they set about getting that land and all the legal requirements – such as they were. It’s  a remarkable record of sheer bloody mindedness and a quest to succeed.  My chum’s hubby died the other year – but he died a happy man in the knowledge they did a brilliant job.  That same satisfaction can’t be felt by anyone who has only bought a house built by a big developer.  Only one built to plan by a small builder – a one off could perhaps cut it!

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