How Not To Fix with Dockyard Screwdriver

There’s a lot to be said for knowing your way around a toolhbox.  When in a hurry to get something fixed, more time is wasted by trying to do it with the wrong tool.  My neighbour was very like that.  Instead of paying for a proper repair to be carried out, he would sweat and swear his way round the garage, I would hear tools being tossed about and obvious signs of distress emitted from the shed or garage.  He was very much of the ‘that’ll do’ brigade.  i.e. if something needed fixing to a wall, first you try every screw driver in the box, when failing to find one that fits, just bang it in with a hammer – something they used to have to do in confined poorly laid out workshops .  Many a would be repair was left an absolute disaster zone after the implementation of the dockyard screwdriver!  The chap was so stingy – he would never ever pay for professional help but was always envious of neighbours with fully working doors, windows, bathroom fittings etc.

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