How to Use a Wallpaper Stripper

When you are using a new tool for the first time, it is a good idea to understand how it works, and any safety information for the tool.  Using a steam powered wallpaper stripper is relatively straightforward, but you should be able to use the tool with confidence.  Here we explain how wallpaper strippers work and how to use them safely.

Taking down wallpaper used to be a long and irritating task. Nowadays, there are much easier ways to do it! A steam wallpaper stripper makes this a much simpler job.  The steam breaks down the paste which sticks the paper to the wall or ceiling.

They basically work a bit like a kettle to produce steam which is directed at an area of the wall or ceiling.  It is important to remember you are working with steam which can easily cause burns if you are not careful!  When buying a steam stripper, think about how often you are going to be using it and for how long.  You want to get one with the right capacity for the useage you will be giving it.  There’s no point having to keep refilling the water tank if you get one which is too small for the use you will be doing. Some models come with auto heat cut off triggers – a helpful safety feature.

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