Knowing When To Call In The Experts

There are definitely some jobs around the home that can be carried out by a competent husband or partner – in fact, a female chum of mine is dead keen on diy and has a fantastic armoury of tools and gadgets to aid her in this madcap hobby. Most times though the project is started, maybe to change the kitchen sink for example. The workman hubby/brother/boyfriend. . . . starts the task but comes up against a problem to which they’re not as familiar with the means to solve and carry on. The job gets temporarily left, and left, and left. Usually it’s just a nuisance to be worked around but sometimes it can be a down right danger. This is when pride has to be shunted into back place and common sense prevail. Calling in a professional to sort the problem and then complete the job is the safest and only way forward. For safety and to ensure the job does actually get completed before the next doomsday!

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