On Site Project Management Smooths The Installation

Oh my goodness, you should see my sister’s garage – she doesn’t generally get involved in the world of building, maintenance, property repairs or anything at all remotely connected with needing a tool box or power drill.  Her family have just had a lovely – in fact, fantastic, new kitcvhen installed and as with every such project, there were a few glitches that required replacement parts to be sent from the supplier direct to her garage.  Well the installation work has hbeen completed bar a couple of annoying little matters that are being addressed.  Building tools have gone, the builders themselves pushed off as soon as . . .  In fact the install team are contractors and hire themselves out for installing these kitchens – they get paid by the supplier for the project managing on site, ripping out and replacing with the new units.  The project manager usually owns a small contractor set up and hires out his ganges of 2 chaps and they sub contract until the job is complete.  Getting them back in afterwards is not quite so steamlined as they’re constantly busy on enw projects!

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