Taking The Stark Hard Edge Off Mass Housing

We have a tremendous variety in the design of buildings in our cities and towns. Perhaps because we are such a tiny nation geographically that is. Everything is concentrated so that you can be visiting a quaint old stone village and a few miles up the motorway be in a vast city scape of concrete and glass office blocks and mini skyscrapers which jostle for position with the long standing stone churches and museums of old. To take another example – for a long period after the second world war, there was a need to replace old crumbling and war damaged housing so familes were moved out of their beloved parts of cities to new urban estates – a very fine concept but the architects and town planners seem to just rugh into it headlong and not consider the look of the finished council estates. Almost all of the replacement houses were so ugly. Just concrete or brick finish squares with no redeeming features to soften them. Of course, to the families, it was a real joy to have a complete house to themselves and not have to share flats and stairwells. They had kitchens,an indoor bathroom and toilet. Todays designs for mass housing is so much more attractive and a great deal of thought is given to that side of life. Our architects and designers are so much luckier to have that freedom!

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