The Winter Brings Jobs Aplenty

Oh my goodness has winter come with a bit of a bang already. I went off on a pre Christmas visit and didn’t notice anything untoward in my garden or around the house when I filled up the birds’ nut feeder and made a fuss of the robins on the bench. I would have noticed if anything had fallen down overnight. Well, I got home late and it was dark, I got up and it was still dark. Until after breakfast. Then the shock hit me. The whole of my back fence had blown down during the previous day/night. Every single panel in a 12 panel fence, posts and all. I’d had no hint! The chap who’s garden it staddled very kindly jemmied the panels apart and one at at time, we moved them to a place of safety. Moral of story. Check all fences and posts regularly and note anything loose. Before winter winds rush in!

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