Utilising Qualified Professions On Site

It an be very tiresome having to check every stage of a building refurbishment.  You can see why an amateur might find some things a tad fussy and irksome.  But there are so many things that can have an impact on the finished product as it were.  Take the kitchen – it requires very safe supplies of water, electricity and usually gas.  The water should be already ‘on tap’ because we are generally all on the mains, i.e. water comes from the main town supply.  The other utilities need to be  handled only by professionally trained experts.  It is vital, when knocking nails or putting fixings of any sort into a wall to check carefully that there are no wires or pipes behind the spot.  There are hand held meters that you run over the wall and it beeps when power cables are present.   The presence of such hazards not only mean being careful about actually doing the planned work, they also dictate where big items can be placed.  There’s no point in putting a large wardrobe in front of cabling that already go down to a wall socket, or in the future, would be very handily placed there.  The same as for pipes, water or gas.  This is where a professional building contractor will know how to read schematic drawings of a house if they’re available and if not, will know how to find these essential items from the word go.

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