Young Of Today Now The Builders Of Tomorrow

There was a time when saying you were a building contractor had a sort of dodgy overtone about it.  Never quite trusted to do the proper job or maybe responsible for the shoddy workmanship at Mrs So&sohs down the way.  Today however, with the shortage of skilled building labourers, to say you’re in the building trade brings you immediately into the inner circle at gatherings.  It has been the case for several years now that young chaps just wanted to go to university after school – didn’t really matter what they studied as long as they had that essential breaking away from school and learning curve to adulthood.  But this left out a whole generation of possibly brilliant and talented builders.  From carpenters, bricklayers, plasterers, tilers, plumbers, electricians and gas engineers.  So many really well worthwhile careers were going to east european lads who didn’t take the uni route – mostly for economic reasons.  But happily that has halted and home grown talent is working through again.  We now have a work force to be very proud of.


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