Abiding By Rules Ensures Site Safety Maintained

In these very busy and challenging times, getting the right team of contractors on site for any construction, renovation or maintenance job is critical.  The brickies, plasterers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians etc. all have their own safety systems covering their contracted work.  They have to look after themselves and also take great care to ensure they never do anything that could endanger the lives and wellbeing of the colleagues and other tradesfolk on a working site.   Our country is a very safe place to work and carry out our everyday work.  We have very well established routines for opening and closing of construction sites and each procedure is outlined in the company operations manual.  Any deviation from the required method will be open to scrutiny.  It’s too late when someone has been injured or killed on site – holding up hands and crying that you didn’t know something was happening is no excuse at all.  Abiding by the rules keeps everyone as safe as they can be.

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